Travel Fellowships

We would like to thank all delegates for participating in the Travelling Fellowship application for the St. Jude-VIVA Forum 2019.

Applications are now closed, and successful applicants have been notified of their application outcome via email.

Please contact the Forum Secretariat at if you have any questions.


Travelling Fellowships FAQs

Do I need to submit any receipts to receive my Travel Allowance?

Answer: No, you only need to bring a copy of your passport for identification

What do I need to submit in advance?

Answer: A copy of your passport

When is the deadline for Abstract submission?  What if I miss the abstract deadline submission?

Answer: The deadline for the abstract submission is 14 December 2018. Your application will not be considered if you submit after the deadline.

When will delegates be notified that their abstract has been accepted for print and if they have been selected for a poster presentation?

Answer: Delegates will be notified in the first two weeks in January.

What is the poster size that I have to adhere to if my abstract has been selected?

Answer: If your abstract has been selected to be presented at our forum, details of the poster size can be found here.

Can I request a letter to confirm if my abstract has been accepted or I am presenting a poster?

Answer: Yes, please contact our forum secretariat at